Why we exist: To ignite the greatness inherent in every human being and help it find expression in the pattern of daily living.

As behavioural skills specialists, we are catalysts for human growth, committed to encouraging life-long learning. Our two principal consultants - Pravin and Pervin Bhasin bring to the table four decades of combined experience and mastery in effecting sustained change.

At Purple Path we demonstrate the transformation possible when profound insight into human dynamics marries cutting edge competence in the tools of facilitation. Our solutions are pragmatic, relevant and innovative. Partnering with clients to sharpen their People-advantage, we work with richly diverse audiences, geographies and organisations.

Besides our work in the Corporate space, we are equally conscious about upliftment of humankind as a whole. We partner actively with NGOs, our focus being Youth Empowerment.

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Corporate Learning

Leadership Development, Customer Centricity, Professional Effectiveness, Freshman Orientation, Mentoring L&D Talent

Leadership Coaching

Help in realizing goals, acquiring mastery and growing through challenges

Mentoring Youth

Personal discovery, Team building, Inspiring breakthroughs

Outbound Experiences

Multi-sensory experience, high learning quotient, high fun quotient